I consider stumbling across Neil's Photography workshops as one of my life's fortuitous moments.

For me, photography had played a part in my life since early teens but I was totally mystified when digital emerged and I persisted for years with various point-and-shoot cameras, all set on auto as I could never get my head around the baffling manuals that came with them.

But after my first session with Neil, it all began to gel and I really regained my enthusiasm - each specialist workshop has added to my overall knowledge and my approach has changed completely.  I am so aware of how and what I use as a subject, I consider the shot I am about to take instead of just clicking away at random; I have a much more open-minded approach to the possibilities of unusual and interesting subjects.

I am still learning and determined that eventually all the various parts I have learned about, will come together and I can be a confident and reasonably competent photographer, so I shall be calling upon Neil's skills a few more times yet.

Charles Hepplewhite

Featured Client: Charles Hepplewhite


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