(Group and 1:1 workshops)


In what circumstances may I have a refund?

If you have made a booking for a workshop we are no longer able to provide, you may either have a full refund or a place on a workshop of similar value.

If you fail to turn up for a workshop, or cancel within seven days of the date of the workshop, no refund can be paid unless we have been able to sell the cancelled place to another client.

If you have bought a workshop or a voucher for a workshop and have simply changed your mind about attending, you may sell or gift your purchase to someone else, but refunds are not payable for this reason.

If a workshop has been postponed due to bad weather, it will be rescheduled at the earliest possible time and refunds are not payable for this reason.

I paid for a workshop directly through your website but don’t know how to book a specific session.

Please go to the online booking page and book your session, using the ALREADY PAID cost option (£0).  You’ll receive an immediate email confirmation of your booking.

How do I rebook a session that was postponed due to bad weather?

Please go to the online booking page and book another session, as if from scratch, using the ALREADY PAID cost option (£0) and enter “postponed + (date of your original session) “ in the Additional Information box. You’ll receive an immediate email confirmation of your new booking.

What happens if I have a voucher for a course but can’t find a suitable date before my voucher expires?

Don’t worry.  Please just drop us an email BEFORE THE VOUCHER EXPIRES and we’ll do our best to extend your voucher by a further month.

I have a voucher and have accidentally allowed it to expire. Have I lost the opportunity?

No, the good news is that we can SOMETIMES reactivate an expired voucher for a nominal administration fee of £10. Please just drop us an email with your voucher details and we'll do our best to help.

I've confirmed a booking but now find I can't attend on that date. Can I cancel my booking and reshedule to another date?

It depends on the availability of workshops on other dates but it's often possible and it only costs a nominal administration fee of £10. Please just drop us an email with the original date you've booked and the preferred date.

I made a booking recently but haven’t received any more details.  When will I receive the information?

Our booking software generates an immediate confirmation email with all your course details and if you haven’t received it, it may be in your spam folder.  Please check there first and if you still can’t find it, just email us and we’ll get back to you with all the information you need.


Can I attend a DSLR course even though I only have a bridge camera?

Yes, quite a few people attend the Beginner’s DSLR and Beginner’s Street Safari courses with bridge cameras - and they have a great time!  The other courses aren’t suitable for bridge cameras however.  Most of our course content is designed for those with DSLRs so if you attend either of the Beginner’s courses with a bridge camera, there may be a few techniques discussed that won’t be so relevant to you but there’s NO snobbery, we promise!

Do I need a tripod?

For some workshops, yes - and it needs to be sturdy and capable of extending to at least 60”.  If you don’t have a suitable tripod, we have a small number available for hire at £10 per session.  They need to be booked in advance so please email us if you need to hire one or if you have any other tripod queries.


Do the workshops involve a lot of walking?

Yes, some of them do.  The workshops are held in a variety of public spaces, some of which will provide significant challenges to anyone with mobility issues.  For instance, our Marooned course involves climbing up a narrow staircase to the top of a lighthouse and scrambling around on rocks.  Please email us before booking and we’ll answer all of your questions in as much detail as you need.

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